In-House Financing Available.  Prices on website are priced for cash or wholesale only.  If you want to finance a vehicle, there will be a different figure due to financing fees.  We have a 23% APR Finance Rate.  No credit checks are performed.  We also offer alternatives.  See below for details.

The price listed on the website is your price.  Just pay that and our $85 processing fee.  No other hidden fees.  Please note: Don't be afraid to make us a CASH offer!

This option is best for people who don't have a lot of money on hand, have had a bankruptcy, no credit, or bad credit.  Payments average $65 weekly depending on the vehicle price.  On rare occasions, we do make exceptions.  There is a 23% APR Finance charge.  We do not check credit.  You will need proof of a job (or a co-signer with a job), proof of address (a bill statement), and your driver's license. 


This is the MOST popular option because you do not have to pay interest. This option is for someone who can come up with MOST of the money on a CASH price offer.  Simply put, you come in, put most of the money down (like a down payment), and make payments every month for 3 MONTHS until it is paid off.  Ex.  Sally put $1500 down on a Nissan Sentra, she will pay the remainder of $1000 within 3 months.  An $85 processing fee will be applied along with taxes (goes to DMV). 





You have good enough credit to get a loan from a bank or another creditor.  We treat outside loans as CASH sales and you will not have ANY hidden fees.  If you need help finding a creditor, we can help.



Depending on what kind of vehicle you have, will depend upon whether we can take it off your hands.  We will offer you TRADE IN value.  If we come to an agreement, we will apply the trade-in to the BACK END of your loan.  We do not apply trade-ins to your down payment. 


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